The Augmentarium

The Augmentarium is a revolutionary virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) facility that brings together a unique assembly of projection displays, augmented reality visors, GPU clusters, human vision and human-computer interaction technologies, to study and facilitate visual augmentation of human intelligence and amplify situational awareness. Our goal is to transform human augmentation research for driving applications in science, engineering, medicine, commerce, and education.

For surgery and medical training, VR and AR tools will allow a surgeon to effectively “see through” a patient before any incision is made, and AR medical scenarios will condense into a few weeks training for rare occurrences otherwise only encountered over a lifetime of learning. In manufacture and service, VR training transfers well to physical environments, allowing industry to educate technicians in the safe and error-free installation, calibration and maintenance of complex systems and artifacts. For immersive artistic performances, we will move beyond the tightly-controlled imaging scenarios that are currently available, and deploy state-of-the-art camera arrays to produce cinematic-quality, real-time virtual worlds; for immersive sports medicine and occupational athlete training, we will develop VR environments that will integrate cognitive and physical training for athletes and evaluate the subsequent changes in performance.